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Wine Collection

Italo Fontana, who has a passion for fine wine and olive oil, has realised his dream of producing his own wine products. In his beloved Gragnano homeland, which he has heard described since he was small as a beautiful area that produces products of the highest quality, Italo has chosen to transform his passion into an enterprise that runs parallel to the world of U-BOAT. Drawing on the same dedication and enthusiasm with which he meticulously designs his watches, he has carefully selected the best grapes to produce a a sophisticated and exclusive classic method sparkling wine, with an alcohol content of 12,5%. Perfection, excellence and uniqueness have guided the entire process of creating this product: highly innovative procedures go handin-hand with traditional ones, with the aim of obtaining a limited edition sparkling wine with distinctive characteristics and excellent quality. ATTENTION: These products are for sale and shipped EXCLUSIVELY to countries belonging to the EUROPEAN UNION.

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