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Italo Fontana and Dino Romano place “the cherry on the lake”

August 2018

Always pushed by the same adventurous spirit and the need for speed, Italo Fontana decides to join and support his friend and famous customiser, Dino Romano, in his forthcoming challenge to break the record on the Salt Lake of speed riding a bike powered by natural gas.

Attracted by speed and motors Italo could not miss the opportunity to combine his sense of freedom and friendship, coupled with the perception of power and the “Made in Tuscany” values always shared with his friend Dino.

The Open Eyes Dream motorbike also nicknamed as “ Cherry”, high-powered engine on two wheels, 240 hp 4 cylinders of 1000 cc for 240 kg, will try to break the record during the annual Salt Lake City Speed Week in Utah from the 11th to 17th of August.

Riding “Cherry” for the U-BOAT team at over 400 Km/h on the salty surface in order to break the speed record of 375 km/h, Dino Romano himself along with team friends, Domenico Fasanella e Rosaria Fiorentino.

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