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U-Boat Rollerball Pen Heraldic Shield


The heraldic shield with the Lucca’s panther has been added to the U-BOAT Rollerball Pen creating a limited edition of 88 items only and paying a tribute to Italo Fontana’s homelandIntroduced for the first time at Baselword 2013, the 7257 U-BOAT ROLLERBALL PEN TITANIUM BRONZE is a unique writing instrument. Made from Titanium and Bronze, two of the toughest materials in the world, this hand-crafted rollerball pen is a well-balanced mix of U-BOAT identity and temper. The pen features in total 93g weight and 146 mm length. Its appearance is tough exuding an impression of power appropriate, like all the other creations, to the brand name U-BOAT.

Limited edition 88 units

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