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The “Made in Tuscany” watch brand strikes again!

By cutting the ribbon of the boutique in the very central and refined Via Strozzi at number 28r, Italo Fontana doubles the presence of the brand in the Renaissance capital with a new store that will flank the iconic Ponte Vecchio boutique.

Two points of reference in the vibrant center of Florentine high-spending shopping, a further step in the brand's retail development plan as well a contribution to a general push for rebirth.

The new boutique is located in the very central and refined "via degli Strozzi" at number 28r.

The brand, which has always distinguished itself for freedom of movement and initiative, continues its retail development with this opening without being too intimidated and conditioned by the economic situation and at the same time providing its contribution to a general push for rebirth.

With a consolidated presence in over 60 countries around the world, through a massive network of retailers and several flagship stores in cities such as Rome, Moscow, Beirut and Baku; U-BOAT will offer a double chance to Florentines and to the expected tourists, Italian and foreign, of the city of lily to appreciate the brand's watch collections.