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Italo Fontana and U-BOAT find in ATS the perfect automotive partner.

Famous for his handcrafted and limited edition pieces, unique watches, guaranteed by finest Italian craftsmanship, Italo Fontana, always looked for partnership with a brand sharing same vision and values. For ever passioned by Italian supercars he finally find the right partner in ATS, rejuvenated automotive company with roots like U-BOAT back in a not recent past, precisely in 1963 when it launched its first mid-engine design.

Today's ATS GT car version, limited edition to twelve only, has some equally surprising technical innovations, just like its sixties predecessor. Among the technical innovations, the U-BOAT digital watch added in the car and part of the dashboard of the advanced cockpit.

The U-BOAT watch is no doubt in perfect match of features with the supercar, its strong hearted Italian beauty, ready to capture hearts from this 23rd of August when will be presented at the Pebble Beach car week in California.
In ATS GT everything evokes the spirit of "Italian way of doing things” and embodies a tempting and enticing design, along with powerful engine and many more high quality technical solutions coming from years of research, all features also of Italo Fontana’s creations.
Along with the digital watch U-BOAT will launch a limited edition of 50 Chimera 46 mm Titanio Skeleton watches personalised with the ATS logo on the dial and available for all the enthusiast either of the car and of the watch brand.

Currently under preparation, another watch will be added in the car with the option of being removed and converted into a pocket watch and if necessary in a wrist watch once placed in its own chassis.