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One more time on the road to Utah, towards Bonneville Salt Flats, Italo Fontana decides to join and support his friend and famous customiser Dino Romano in a just postponed challenge.
A full ecologic enterprise aims to break the record on the Salt Lake of speed riding a super-motorbike powered by natural gas, in occasion of the annual Salt Lake City Speed Week in Utah from the 7th to 17th of August.

The Open Eyes Dream Team aka OED Italian Racing Team will ride “Christine” for U-BOAT at over 400 Km/h on the lake salty surface in order to break the speed record of 375 km/h. Four professional riders will turn the dream into reality, Dino Romano himself, Maurizio Vettor, popular tester and journalist of Moto.it, Rosaria Fiorentino and Louisa Swaden both popular motorcyclists.
The concept of being time owner, of managing and controlling it and therefore having the illusion of dominating it; has always inspired U-BOAT and its designer Italo Fontana. A shared passion for racing and technology at the highest level, the same adventurous spirit and the need for speed bring Italo Fontana and Dino Romano once again together for a never ending dream of freedom.