Care and Maintenance

Tips and recommendations

The high finish mechanism of your U-Boat watch will give you satisfaction for many years, when properly cared for. However, we recommend that you have your watch inspected every 3-4 years by our authorized dealer / authorized service centre to perform routine maintenance of all mechanical parts.

To replace the strap, contact an authorized dealer / authorized service centre.

Avoid leaving your watch in locations that are subject to large temperature fluctuations or humidity, direct sunlight or strong magnetic fields.

Always rinse your watch with lukewarm water after it has been immersed in sea water.

Leather is a naturally porous material, therefore you should prevent the high quality leather straps to come into contact with oily substances, solvents, detergents or cosmetics. In this way you will be able to prevent discolouration or premature ageing of the material.

Avoid vibrations and extreme shocks (for ex. playing tennis or golf, mountain biking, etc.) and extreme temperatures (above 60°C and below 0°C).

Do not change the date between 9 pm and 3 am as this may damage the calendar's mechanism.

If you do not regularly wear your watch, we recommend to setting mechanical watches at least once a month, in order to slow down the natural deterioration of the grease and lubricants.

Avoid magnetic fields that you are exposed to on a daily basis (i.e. microwave, television, speakers, baggage locking system, etc.).

The water resistance of the watch cannot be guaranteed indefinitely due to wear on the seals, climatic changes, shock or chemicals substances (body moisturisers, perfumes, etc.).

We therefore recommend that you regularly check the watch's water resistance and have an authorized service centre change the seals frequently.