Italo Fontana

“I have always been fascinated by design, I create in total freedom, I don’t follow any trends. I try to do what other brands don’t. I have no obligation to create the same over and over again.”

Always fascinated by design Italo Fontana, the creative mind behind the brand, started to create his first projects at a very young age. He decided to bring his grandfather’s dream back to life, but he added something more important: his soul, his personality, his vision of life and design.

Italo lives his world through inspiration. Attention for details, constant passion and dedication to innovation and perfection coupled with an open mind towards the future are the cornerstones of his creativity.


Italo Fontana is really intrigued by innovations; therefore, he constantly creates value and new ideas for his customers. He loves to explore new ideas, without being influenced by the market. He uses modern and unusual techniques and materials and he is interested in all materials especially if never used in the watch industry.

He launched a patented system for the wristwatch’s crown release to allow an easier regulation of date and time, and a model with completely oil immersed movement, the Capsoil Collection.

Alongside U-BOAT, Italo also relaunched the historic L. Kendall brand and Internationally acclaimed brands like S.T Dupont requested Italo’s advices and creative inputs on some of their special projects.


Italo Fontana’s creations have been appreciated by celebrities from all over the world. U-BOAT products regularly feature in movies, short films and video clips. For example, they were used in “Tokarev”, starring Nicholas Cage and Expendables 3, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Hollywood film actors, including Steven Seagal, often wear U-BOAT products on their wrists at their premiers. Having always been passionate about art in all its forms, Italo Fontana sponsors many events in the film industry, such as the Magna Grecia Film Festival and Sa.Fi.Ter, the International Short Film Festival.

Russian singer Emin and the Rammstein lead vocalist Till Lindemann always wear U-BOAT during their concerts, as well as Italian pop singers Renato Zero, Claudio Baglioni, Cesare Cremonini, Federico Zampaglione, to name a few.
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