Lucca 1942

A prestigious commission from the Italian Navy in 1942, for the design and production of wristwatches for its pilots that could satisfy very precise technical specifications. The first drawings of a robust wristwatch with a strong character, made by Ilvo Fontana, that could guarantee maximum visibility and water tightness, with a strong and distinctive design.

In 2000, Italo Fontana, Ilvo’s grandson, discovers the precious designs. They will become his source of inspiration for the creation of the first UBOAT watch and his motto: A New Dimension in Time. The U-BOAT journey has started.

In few years U-BOAT opens a number of single-brand boutiques and multiple shops all over the world. U-BOAT is currently present in over 60 key markets.


Identity is the U-BOAT brand keyword, a distinctive design that can also be recognised from a distance. All the creations, conceived and designed by Italo Fontana, stand out for the large crown on the left-hand side of the case, and for the defined look that conveys a sense of reliability and power.

Craftsmanship and “Made in Tuscany” factor. Proud of its Swiss movement, each watch is created and assembled by the craftsmen of the Lucca headquarters.


Experimentation and innovation are the heart of creation together with the use of materials in their purest form, from steel to titanium, to tungsten, to carbon, to bronze, from gold to silver, to ceramic.

Watches forged with everlasting materials such as tungsten, the hardest of all metals. Along with these, other materials in continuous evolution such as uncoated bronze or untreated silver, which naturally take on different shades over time, making each watch unique and alive in its ever-changing form.
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