Following the success of the two special editions “Rome” and “Florence”, Italo Fontana launches other Limited Edition versions in honour of the two cities this time in aged bronze and 925 silver providing them with even more unicity and sturdiness. Prides of the finest goldsmith manufacture, testified by the impressive chisel works that fill the sides of the two cases with low reliefs, the two watches are re-proposed with new stylistic features. 
A collection of unique watches, born from the inspiration and love of Italo Fontana for his country and its extraordinary beauties. A celebration of Italian culture and creative ingenuity beyond any geographical limit. A rare example of fine watchmaking joined to the fine Tuscan silver manufacturing. The watch becomes a work of art and not just a jewel to wear.


Every one of these creations, entirely made by hand, differs imperceptibly from the other for small manufacture details, for this reason they are all 1/88 as laser engraved on each dial. Indexes and numbers in relief, respectively in silver and bronze. 45 mm case, in the two noble metals. In the Florentine version, Ponte Vecchio bridge is extended over one side and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore on the opposite. In the Rome version the Colosseum on one side and the faćade of St. Peter’s Basilica on the other.


These unique creations, aimed at celebrating Tuscan creativity and craftsmanship, as well as Italian beauty and its monuments, literally sold like hot cakes in the previous version. Due to their uniqueness, these watches are available exclusively in U-BOAT boutiques in Rome and Florence and on the official website.
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